Duration: 7 months (October 16, 2017 – April 20, 2018)

Format: Part-time basis program that comprises 4 educational Blocks of 2 weeks each

Language: English, Ukrainian

Location:  CANactions School for Urban Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine). The program includes local and international study trip to Timisoara, Romania

Tuition fee: 11 800 UAH

Number of students: Up to 24

One of the students will receive a scholarship from CANactions in the form of payment for all educational program.

Application deadline: September 11, 2017 (23:59 CET)

Application form 

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In 2017/18 academic year, the CANactions School offers a new advanced-level educational program for working professionals in the field of urban development. Based on the CANactions School methodology, the program is aimed at introducing strategic design and integrated planning approach to the real-life functioning of Ukrainian cities considered in a wider context of dynamic transformations in Central-Eastern Europe and developing countries at large.

For this, the School provides applied methods and tools for comprehensive and multiscale analysis of complex urban environment, which will allow our participants to develop effective scenario-based planning and design proposals, along with prototyping and moderating the implementation of pilot projects.

We cultivate teamwork and learning-by-doing approach in the educational process and offer an interdisciplinary perspective on the complex urban context thanks to the involvement of international experts and mentors, organizing local and international study trips and peer learning from other professionals in the group. Finally, we deepen the student's’ ability to critically examine and describe interactions between people’s activities and physical structures in the city through awareness of current urban challenges in a global perspective.


  • Representatives of agencies for urban development and city institutes
  • Open-minded executives of city administrations involved in urban development, urban design, and/or city planning 
  • Activists, representatives of NGOs which activities connected to urban development
  • Urban entrepreneurs with strong interest in city development projects
  • Young professionals from the field of Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture, and Civil Engineering who have at least 2-3 years of work experience
  • Critical thinking researchers and professionals with background in Economics, Political and Cultural Studies, Journalism, Sociology, and other related fields who are interested in the exploration of current urban conditions in Ukraine and Central-Eastern European countries.


The Advanced Studies in Integrated Urban Development (ASIUD) is a project-based program that consists of lectures and workshops, studio work in interdisciplinary groups, local and international study trips which are integrated into a step-by-step development of Graduation Projects (GPs). The projects will be identified and elaborated in multi-professional student groups under the supervision of an Education Program Team.

The participants will complete the program on a part-time basis over the 7 months (October 16, 2017 – April 20, 2018) that comprise 4 educational Blocks of 2 weeks each:

  • Block [1]: October 16-27, 2017
  • Block [2]: December 4-12, 2017
  • Block [3]: February 12-23, 2018
  • Block [4]: April 9-20, 2018

Each Block will be focused on a specific component of a student GP (such as an analysis, critical field study of foreign experience, vision and concept development, implementation strategy elaboration and testing). In the end of the ASIUD 2017/18  program, the participants will publicly present their GPs at the International Architecture Festival CANactions 2018.

For successful completing the ASIUD 2017/18 program, the full and proactive involvement of each participant in all educational Blocks during the whole program is obligatory.


The ASIUD 2017/18 program will be curated by Urs Thomann – a Swiss urban planner and Co-founder of the CANactions School for Urban Studies.

In addition to the Curator, the participants will work with an international team of Mentors responsible for:

  • introducing the integrated approach to design and planning while working on student GPs
  • support in identifying, elaborating, and publicly performing GPs
  • diagnosis of the project’s key parts and phases
  • advising and tutoring team members
  • supporting the teams in organizing an efficient teamwork and project development process
  • guide the teams during all phases of the local study trips.

Each Block will be accompanying with a set of lectures and workshops held by experienced international and Ukrainian invited experts from such institutions as:

  • Laboratory of Critical Urbanism (EHU / Lithuania)  
  • Hyper Island (Sweden)  
  • Urban-Think Tank (ETH / Switzerland)  
  • Kyiv School of Economics (Ukraine)  
  • ‘helsinkizurich’ Architecture and Planning Consultancy (Finland / Switzerland)  
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Germany)  
  • Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design Lab (Stuttgart University / Germany)  
  • Van de Wetering Atelier für Städtebau (Switzerland)  

and others, bringing cutting edge theoretical and practical knowledge for the participants. The Admissions Committee will review the applications and send out invitations for the Skype interviews. All accepted participants will receive official confirmations and instructions for the next steps.