Film Screening



Time: 21:00

Location: ЮБК (Trukhaniv Island, Kyiv)

Free entrance, online-registration is mandatory

The Film will be with English subtitles

Director and Scriptwriter MAX KESTNER
Composer Johann Johannsson

DREAMS IN COPENHAGEN is director Max Kestner's documentary film portrait of Denmark's capital. People in a room, in an apartment, in a house, on a street, in a city. DREAMS IN COPENHAGEN is a film about the physical surroundings that are part of shaping our lives. About the buildings we wake up in, the front doors we walk out of, the streets we traverse. It is also a film about how the way we live our lives affects our physical surroundings. 
COPENHAGEN DREAMS focuses on the city as a physical entity - quite literally. The people are usually out of focus or on the periphery of the framework that constitutes a central part of the film's aesthetic. Copenhagen is the main character of the film; the people are just passing bit players whose job is to draw out the distinctive features of the protagonist.

Movie is granted by CANactions partner Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine.
Film screening is supported by ЮБК (Южный Берег Киева, Труханів острів).