“Causality does not exist! Looking at images from a different point of view: fashion, design, architecture and communication”

Lecture of Giovanni Otonello in English or Italian / interpreter to Russian in case of Italian: Olga Myelkova.

Portfolio review after the lecture.

OCTOBER 13, 2016  / 19:00

Location: CANactions, 16 Lavrska Str.

In every planning there is an added value that has the ability to improve our attitudes and the final result: the knowledge of the contemporary world. Essential for us is to move among the various spheres of creativity and understand what is happening now in the world of art, fashion, architecture, photography, design, advertising... this makes us more competitive and credible when we communicate our aim. I stress the value of the semiotics of the different languages we are usually accustomed to, often without realizing their real meanings, and of the hidden thought behind to grow and develop the work plan. Design website as a tool vs social media as a tool (Facebook vs Instagram), content creation and eventual Showrooms setting. There are two plans of action: to look with different eyes what surrounds us and evaluate and update how to use the information and the tools of analysis. A series of simple - but important - questions put the audience in a position to interact and reflect on the various themes: What are the codes that exist in the world of communication? How can you develop a mood and a trend? What does it mean to look at picture? What’s an icon?


 Giovanno Ottonello - IED Group Art Director