Time: 19:00

Location: CANactions School, 22D Mykhailivska St

Free entrance, online-registration is mandatory

Partner: National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum"

The lecture will be held in the frame of series of workshops duringInternational Architecture Festival CANactions 2016, 19-21 May : RE: IVAN HONCHAR MUSEUM. PLACEMAKING & BUILDING TRANSFORMATION Workshop 

 In the frame of CANactions Public Program Yurii Melnychuk will talk about the architecture of Ukrainian folk costumes, about items of clothing, their classification in the general system components of the national costume, about regional differences of clothing, variations according to age group and marital status, the cut and the finishing of the suit. He will also talk about the work in the museum and the general situation regarding the displaying of folk costumes in Ukrainian museums, when only from 3 to 7% is in the main fund, and the rest is in the storerooms, which nobody sees. 

Yurii Melnychuk is the master of folk art embroidery. In 1985 he graduated from the Natural Sciences and Geography Department of National Pedagogic University of Dragomanov, specialty - teacher of geography and biology. In 1985-1995 he worked at the Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine. As a student, became interested in Ukrainian folk art, while visiting and studying the ethnographic collections of museums in Kyiv. By the support of the Union of Ukrainian students in 1992 he founded a youth creative group "Cvit" that set out to the revival of ancient Ukrainian folk embroidery. In 1994, to the third anniversary of Ukraine's Independence Day, at the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko he organized an exhibition "Ukrainian folk embroidery: tradition and modernity". Now Yurii Melnychuk helps all who wish to learn the secrets of embroidery at the classes of Ukrainian folk embroidery Studios at the National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Honchar Museum", where since 1995 he is the deputy of director of scientific work. He also heads the creative studio which makes dolls dummies "dressed" in smaller versions of authentic Ukrainian clothes. The results of his multi-search and collecting labor is often shown during exhibitions, workshops, lectures and seminars in Ukraine and abroad. 

See you there !